Sell with Print Auctions

Although we are currently the new on the block we have been specialists in South African Fine Art Prints for many years, Fine Art Prints are our core business and focus. We believe that selling through us would through time reach collectors who enjoy prints and would provide a primary target market for print collectors and enthusiasts. We would if taking on your print insist that we would be allowed to examine the print by taking it out of its frame. In doing this we would replace it back into the frame using the right nails, and acid free brown tape etc. Our Sellers Commission would be the industry standard to 15% to the Auction House. Vat on the work would be charged just on the sales commission, not the hammer price.

How to sell your Print 1-2-3

Email us with the following

1. Images of the work/s (roughly 300-2 Megs file size)
2. Pop in your: Full Name / Contact number/ Item description(s):
3. Press Send (Max Email File Size 20 Megs- or send in 2-3 emails)

After this one of our consultants will return be in contact with you in 24 working hours. If you want to enquire about your email call us on 0721820234

Step 2
Once we receive your email we will process it and get back to you regarding value and when the next auction is.
On accepting our quote and terms and conditions you would be invited to send the work to our offices and we will process things from there. If the work doesn’t sell the seller would have the choice of selling the print through the gallery over a set price and period of time to our clients. If after the agreed time that the print doesn’t sell the client would be responsible for collecting the packaged print from our gallery.

Sending us your Prints for Auction
Please pack your work well using cardboard and bubble wrap. We cannot be held responsible for work damaged in transit to our gallery.
If you reside in the Cape Town area we can arrange at a nominal fee to collect your print, this would save you money.

Collecting your purchased print
Firstly contact our gallery for the following options:
1. We can arrange a delivery time in Cape Town area, or delivery nationally
2. We can package your prints ready for collection at a generous price.
3. We can package, get a good delivery price for you and send etc.

Although packaging, organising couriering we do not take responsibility for damage and loss of the work on the couriers behalf, insurance might be recommended for peace of mind.