Sale 1 Lot 3. Alma Vorster: Serenade in Masquerade II

Starting Price: R8,500
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This is a fine and haunting work from Alma Vorster’s Body of work that was submitted for her MFA at Michealis in 1988. Alma was influential in a whole generation of Michaelis Printmakers such as Jo Ratcliff, Eunice Gersteyn, Judy Woodborne, Gabriel Clark-Brown, Christine Dixie, Sarah Pratt and many more. Alma was supervised in her MFA by Pippa Skotness who too had a relentless eye for detail and quality printmaking. After Alma graduated with Distinctions, she went on to teaching at Michealis. Alma’s works to this day 30 years later are still shown to students who begin media studies as a fine example of aquatint and various mediums. Alma is certainly one of the most under rated printmakers ever, her work and skill as a printmaker is with out a doubt exceptional.